Take your bus with Linkavel: your online ticketing system

Linkavel is a simple and reliable solution for those who enjoy traveling by coach; the service allows you to quickly find information about schedules, medium-long distance bus routes in Italy and buy tickets through an online ticketing system. Moreover, Linkavel allows owners and managers of bus companies to start selling their tickets online. Let’s see the features of the service.

The ticketing online system for those traveling by bus in Italy

Linkavel is an online ticket service dedicated to all those who use the bus for their medium-long distance journeys in Italy. Linkavel meets two main needs of passengers:

  • find the best route to reach a destination; easily consult departure times and arrivals;
  • buy tickets online, easily and securely.

Through the search engine, available on the website Linkavel.com, each user can find with few easy steps routes, timetables, routes and fares of buses that connect different Italian and international cities. Once you have chosen the bus company that suits your needs, you can purchase a ticket by choosing the payment method you prefer. Moreover, Linkavel can consult timetables and bus routes also on smartphones thanks to the App Linkavel CercaBus available for Android and Windows Phone.

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Linkavel for bus companies

Linkavel meets the needs of the bus companies with My Ticket Solution (MTS)), a modern system for selling tickets, without investing in hardware or software.

Thanks to MTS, the carriers can start selling online quickly:

  • without any initial investment;
  • without the constraint of a subscription;
  • without maintenance costs.

Are you an owner of a bus company or a manager? Discover Linkavel’s advantages and become partner!