Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files memorized on the browser during web navigation. This data treatment only provides a faster and more convenient web navigation to the user.

You can control the cookies use by setting the browser privacy options. However, if the cookies are comlpetely unabled, the website might not work properly.

Cookies used by LinkAvel:

Strictly necessary Cookies

The essential cookies are those data oriented only to the transmission and communication on electronic web (by " strictly we mean that the transmission can’t be possible without cookies) and to the ones connected to a service that the user requested on purpose. The first kind of cookies are those who only identify the point where the transmission arrives and prevents the information from going to someone else, or those who verify transmission errors. For the second kind of cookies (the ones who are connected to a precise service requested on purpose by the user), we have as an example the shopping cart from the e-commerce, which allows remebering the products put in the cart and mantain the access to the protected area. The same cookies as the ones above-mentioned are those who mantain the login data when the user chooses to maintain them, or the ones who allow a secure login and so on.

The “essential” cookies don’t require the user’s consent; the cookies are active for a period only and they are meant to lead the transmission or to furnish the required service, not for other purposes.

Performance cookies and functionality cookies

The first ones collect information about the use of the site by the visitors; the dates are anonymous and don’t lead to a profilation, nor a processing of the personal data. They are only used to statistically analyse the accesses of the site (the so called “analytic” cookies) and for statistical purposes.

The second ones help remebering the user’s choices and they automatize some of the procedures (as the login) or they personalize the access and the site navigation (they can remember the user’s language, for example). These cookies don’t need the user’s consent neither.

Third-party cookies

These cookies come from other domains that provide elements, such as advertisements, components or images, embedded on the pages of Linkavel.

The use of the cookies for user profilation and marketing is not included.

This information note only concerns the cookies and not the ones of the websites linked in it.

For further information, included those regarding the company, check the privacy note.